Our novelty


Lamp arm for masts (zBTyp Pfleiderer KLM80/76 or the equivalent) to receive for street lights. … more

What us makes unique:

  • Defective cable glands on the fly swap
  • No disconnection or switching off the system
  • No extensive preparation work
  • No functional testing and connecting work
  • High quality standard
  • Development and manufacturing in Germany
  • Easy to use
  • Cost and time saving

Fields of application

  • Nuclear, solar and wind energy
  • Medical technics
  • Robotics
  • Measurement technique
  • Machinery and equipment / industrial and plant
  • Automotive industry

What our customers say

A split screwed cable gland is broken or leaky, we don`t have to shut down the whole engine. Within 10 minutes, we could solve the problem thanks the split screwed cable gland, no functionallity tests and no clamp work. We save a lot of time and trouble …

Mr. Niemann, Company MT

High quality, easy handling, great idea …

Mr. Janoske, GA-tec GmbH