Basset rack

Coating cover for jumper block

Fields of Application

  • Measurement, control and regulation technology
  • Plant construction
  • Nuclear facilities
  • Industrial equipment


Contact protection of the connecting contacts


  • Complete closure with matching cover possible
  • Routings are possible during operation, since adjacent contacts are covered
  • Clean separation of adjacent contacts
  • Unambiguous assignment of the jumper contacts
  • Clear identification by printing a label or a color code possible
  • Quickly detached for controls (removable)
  • Plug contacts can not be bent


The crest rail is protected with the German utility model patent office.

Technical Data

Materials PA6 (Polyamide 6)
Characteristics high strength, stiffness and toughness, excellent insulation properties
Temperature resistance (PA 6) Static load: - 60 ° C / +120 ° C Dynamic load: - 60° C / + 80° C
Chemical resistance to alkaline fluids, solutions of inorganic neutral salts, oils, grease, gasoline, Benzene, alcohol, acetone, diluted acids and seawater
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